How I am making money as a freelancer on Upwork

I have earned more than $20k on Upwork as a freelancer and earning more every week. My skills are Content marketing, Online marketing, copywriting, B2B Sales, Business development, Linkedin Prospecting & Outreach, B2B Marketplace Promotion, Adding vendors or suppliers or sellers to B2B Marketplace.

What is Upwork —

Hi, I am Sumit from India working as a freelancer on Upwork and it's been more than 5 years I am very active on upwork. Upwork is a freelancing platform where you can work as a freelancer with any skill. There are more than 100 skills you can choose to work with, from IT to finance, to content writing, design, web development, law, marketing, sales, and many other categories. Just create your profile on Upwork with genuine details, complete the profile and start bidding on projects. (I will write another post on How to work on Upwork to make money), so please follow me for relevant posts.

Upwork interface screenhsot
Upwork interface screenshot

How I started —

I started working on Upwork in 2015, my first project was for $20 and I was very happy. It was for writing social media posts for a Hotel based in the USA. First, I created my profile, completed it, and started the Bidding on social media projects. I got my first project after many bids. I don't know what kind of approach I was using that time but that approach was not good as I was just starting. After my first project, I keep on bidding on projects and was keep doing just good but I was not happy because I was earning very less at that time.

Why I choose only Upwork —

There are many freelancing portals you can join but Upwork is best because -

  1. The interface is easy to use
  2. It is free to join
  3. There are more clients as compared to other freelancing portals
  4. They offer work in most of the categories like for every skill
  5. You get paid for sure so it guarantees your payment (for the hourly project only)
  6. They have a good support team to assist you 24*7
  7. You can start easily make good earnings
  8. They have a good messaging, calling, and chatting interface

How I started getting improved and started earning more —

With time I was Improving my skills and my approach to clients through writing good cover letters. In starting I was using only a single cover letter for each project but then I started writing a new cover letter for each project and this got me good results as I was getting more responses from clients. In that time I completed more small projects and as I was completed more so I was getting more feedback on my profile. I want to tell you that with more feedback you get your profile improved only when you are getting good feedback otherwise you could be in trouble with negative feedback. so help your client well.

The problem I faced as a freelancer —

As a freelancer, the biggest problem you face is not getting projects regularly but it happens rarely for experienced freelancers. but earlier I was having this issue a lot, my profile was new, I had not much feedback and not even some good portfolios so I was not getting projects regularly. so if you trying to be a freelancer and looking to leave your present job then I would suggest don't quit your job and start freelancing side by side. when you get good experience after completing around 10 projects then you can start freelancing full time.

Today I am a full-time freelancer and helping my clients 365 days, sometimes I face not getting the project on time but sooner or later I get some, small or big. Now it is going well.

How much I have earned through Freelancing on Upwork —

I have been earned more than $20k from Upwork, It has been more than 5 years but in the early days when I was starting I was not working full-time freelancer, after 3–4 years I started working as a freelancer full time. In beginning, I was charging $3 per hour but today I have increased my rates to $10, some times when I don't get a project for long then I decrease it to lesser to get some work fast but on average, it is $10 per hour.

Below I have shared my Profile screenshot where you can check some important points —

My Upwork profile screenshot

How I can help you in starting as a freelancer —

If you are thinking to start as a freelancer but not getting the right guide then I am here to offer help to you, just comment under this post and let me know what help you need like in starting from scratch, writing a cover letter, finding the right job and client, etc. Competition is very high but if you follow the right approach then you can get success for sure as I got on Upwork.

So thanks, Hope this post will reach the maximum number of people who need help in starting as freelancers and need my help. Please share it with your friends or family members who just starting or want to start freelancing.




I Write about — Books, Social media, making money online, Quora, Helping freelancers, Health, Finance, My country India, current affairs, My life & Skills.

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Sumit Rajput

Sumit Rajput

I Write about — Books, Social media, making money online, Quora, Helping freelancers, Health, Finance, My country India, current affairs, My life & Skills.

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