How I helped B2B Marketplace in Getting Thousands of Suppliers

This post will teach you How to Find Suppliers, Sellers, or Vendors from all over the world for your B2B Marketplace

I am Sumit from India, working as a freelancer on Upwork and helping B2B Marketplaces in getting more suppliers, vendors, or sellers on board. For this, I am using Linkedin, Quora & Facebook Groups. Read Below to understand How I am helping them.

What is B2B Marketplace

A B2B Marketplace is an online Platform where wholesale Buyers and Suppliers or Vendors who deal in different products or services meet each other to fulfill each other’s demand and do trade. Some Marketplace is specific to Products like My last project where I was Helping Tradeling in getting suppliers. Tradeling is B2B Marketplace for wholesale Buyers and suppliers who deal in different products like FMCG, HEALTH, FITNESS, OFFICE STATIONERY ETC.

Some Marketplace deal in services only like Hexaware’s service Marketplace is designed to offer administration and support of (IT Application and underlying component) as a service.

How I used Quora To Find Suppliers

Quora is a question-answer platform where you can ask any question and experts who know the answer can answer your question, similarly, if you know about any subject or topic can answer the question.

So I was searching for relevant questions like this one —

There is a trick in searching for such a question, as you can see above question is about finding buyers, not suppliers so it means this question is asked by a supplier. To get this supplier on our portal or marketplace we can answer this question with our marketplace link and by genuinely answering that this marketplace is best to find buyers from all over the world.

There are hundreds of questions on quora that we can answer and get suppliers on board, Most important part of using quora is we write the answer genuinely to make it appear real and helpful otherwise quora may delete your answer or hide it.

How I used Facebook Groups to Find Suppliers

Like Linkedin and Quora, I have used Facebook Groups too for finding suppliers, There are hundreds of Facebook groups that are only for suppliers Like this one —

I joined many groups like this one and was posting regularly, keep the group rules in mind otherwise admin of the group can block you, so post as per the rules, engage with members through comments on other posts. Suppliers keep posting about their products in such groups to find buyers.

How many Suppliers I approached and added to Tradeling

I worked for Tradeling for 14 months continuously and approached more than 13k Suppliers from different parts of the world, all these suppliers were dealing in FMCG or Health/Wellness or Office Stationery. This Project is on hold for now so there are chances I get the chance to work on it again but for now, I am free to Help your B2B Marketplace too if you are looking to add Suppliers from all over the world or from a specific country or region.

Contact Me

If you also have a B2B Marketplace and you are just starting or struggling in getting suppliers on board then I am available to help and below are the medium you can reach me.

You can reach me through my Whatsapp +918295814224

My Email ID —

Linkedin Profile —



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